Stella bracelet

10/03/2017 | Stella bracelet

A new pattern for a bracelet that is reversable. You can choose to wear the embellished side but you can also flip it and wear it on the other side. You can find the pattern in my Etsy Store: Bianc Molen Designs

20/10/2016 | Chantrea

A new pattern with some cool Half Moon beads that I received from the Beadsmith! You can find the pattern in my Etsy Store: Bianc Molen Designs

17/05/2016 | A project in the latest Perlen Poesie

I just received the happy news that I'm published with a project in the latest Perlen Poesie! When I read it, I did a happy dance! Although I am not on the cover I am so very happy with it. This is the second time in the Perlen Poesie for me, third time in an international magazine!

In the picture left you can see a teaser of the necklace ^_^

11/05/2016 | New tutorial Petal available!

A new tutorial is born... well not new exactly but it never got published! Petal is a bracelet that is made with a base bracelet which will be embellished with the seed beads, rose petals and the flower cups. But you can embellish the base bracelet however you want with any kind of beads of your choice! Take a chance and make your own unique piece :)
In the tutorial, at the end, you'll find a few different examples of the bracelet. 
On my pattern page you'll find the direct link to the tutorial but here's the link to my etsy store: Bianc Molen Designs.

This is the front page of my latest tutorial Ailis. Each time that I'm making a tutorial I always look for new improvements. This time I used it for the look of my tutorials. Instead of Microsoft Word I used PowerPoint...  

05/02/2016 | New tutorial Ailis available!

I'm so proud to announce that for the first time in over a year that I published a new tutorial today! It's for the bangle that I shared with you just a while ago... 

And not only did I release the tutorial, I've put it in a new jacket... This tutorial is the first one I made in PowerPoint. I do like the result, it just has such a different look! 

On my pattern page you'll find the direct link to the tutorial but here's the link to my etsy store: Bianc Molen Designs.

17/12/2015 - I became a member of the Beadsmith Inspiration Squad!

Last week I was asked if I wanted to be a member of the Beadsmith Inspiration Squad! I didn't have to think very hard and said yes! Since a few days I'm also on the Beadsmith website (the Beadsmith Inspiration page)! 

I'm so proud at this moment ^_^

Visit the Beadsmith page here and you can also check out the facebook page of the Beadsmith Inspiration squad here :)

20/11/2015 | New tutorial in the works! + Sale in my etsy store!

It's been a long while since I've published a new tutorial but I am working on one now and hoping to release it soon! What's the tutorial for? My first bangle I ever beaded and will be making more add-ons for the base bracelet you are getting in this tutorial. In this tutorial you have a base bracelet and how to embellish it!

Will let you all know when it's available, it has to be tested first and I need to take the pictures for the step by step instructions. I've decided to adjust my new tutorials with graphics AND pictures for the visual beaders... 

I'm also having a sale in my etsy store until further notice. I offer all my tutorials as 1 + 1 for free! How does it work? Place your tutorial in your basket, write down your second choice for a tutorial in the text box below. Make sure you fill in the right e-mail adress because I will e-mail you manually the tutorial! Here's the link to my etsy store: Bianc Molen Designs.

16-10-2014 | New pattern out!

Hello everyone! I know it's been quite a while since my last pattern (I believe my last one was my free pattern Solana). Yesterday I listed a new pattern in my etsy shop. It's a bracelet that is called Elleina.

Although it's designed to be a bracelet it can be used in other designs like earrings, necklaces and even a ring. The bracelet is made from separate components and are connected to each other with the cute pyramid bead studs. 

From 15/10/2014 to 22/10/2014 it will be on sale for an introduction price of € 4.50 in my etsy shop! After this I will revert the price back to its original price (€ 6.50). 

05-09-2014 | My first publication!!

It's been a while since my last news entry and although I haven't been sitting still... I haven't had the energy to update everything... But this is such great news, I just had to update it! 

I've been published with a bracelet in the Beadwork Magazine issue of October/November!! Read more about it under the menu Publications :)


13-04-2014 | Happy Birthday!

It's my 29th birthday today and as everybody loves to get gifts on this day I decided to share some!

My first gift is to you is a free pattern. I have been working hard on Solana, together with my tester Sandra, to get it finished for today and we did it! You can download Solana for free on the free patterns page!

My second gift is that all my paid patterns are on sale for € 3,50 each!! The prices are already adjusted in my etsy store so no worries about entering a code!

The sale will lasts for a week, from 13th till the 20th of april! 

27-03-2014 | Long time no see ^_^

It has been a few months that I have updated my website... Shame on me huh! But there is news to tell :)

I have decided to take things a bit slower, just take more time for myself. I am currently exploring the software I am using better to make better patterns. I have added two patterns over the last 2 months, made a few new things and there will be new patterns coming in the next few months... Including a free one!

And as you can see... I've updated the whole website! Just a bit more easier to maintain... I hope :) 

A new logo has been made... and you can also see some new things on the picture from it!

That's it for now... ^_^


22-01-2014 | Surprise gift sale! 

I am holding a surprise gift sale! You will get a 50% discount on my latest tutorial Adelaide and 25% on the other tutorials in my etsy shop! 


01-01-2014 | Happy New Year Everyone!

My Gosh... I can't believe how quick these last couple of months have gone by... let alone this last year! Hope everyone had a good New Years Eve!

A little bit of news from me: I am working on several different patterns on this moment... The latest is for a bracelet with lots of superduo's, firepolished beads, seedbeads and the newest O-beads. You can find a picture next to this blogpost <--

The holiday sales for the 35% discount is finished but don't be sad if you missed it!I will inform you guys later in this month about the what and how! For now... it's still a secret, shh ;-)

That's it for now... no more news! Have a good day/evening/morning ^_^


24-12-2013 | My Christmas present for you!

I didn't know for sure if I could finish it before Christmas but I just finished it and just in time before Christmas!

My Christmas present from me for you is a free pattern for the earrings Olivia. I used the new O-beads® in it. I hope you enjoy it and have fun beading!


16-11-2013 | A new tutorial and Holiday Sales 2013!

Yes, I finally finished the first tutorial for those earrings I promised you! They are absolutely royal :) 

Also I am holding a holiday sale for my tutorials at etsy! You will get a 35% discount when you enter the code HOLIDAYSALES2013 !

This sale will end on the first of january 2014


30-11-2013 | Small update!

It has been a while since the last blog post so I thought I should give you a small update as what I have been doing these last few weeks.

There are two new tutorials in the planning... Both for earrings. 

I am planning to re-organize my livingroom so I have more space for the computer. And also I want to change the bead storage. I have almost all my seedbeads in flip top storage boxes and the other beads in larger boxes... however, I am planning on using something like a nailpolish rack for storing my seedbeads. 

Then the larger beads have to move into smaller boxes... I have about 200 tubes that end in a point with a screw cap... I already have a plan on how to store those... More about that later in the year or even next year!

That's it for now, as you can guess I will be busy for the coming weeks with re-organizing everything but when it's finished, I will take some pictures and show you guys!


11-11-2013 | Tutorial Iona is finished & for sale!

Another tutorial is finished! You can find Iona on the tutorial page! And don't forget: from 04-11-2012 to 02-12-2013 you will get a 50% discount on your second tutorial! 


04-11-2013 | Tutorial Lady Evanthia is finished & for sale!

Its taken a while to finish the tutorial of Lady Evanthia but it's finally finished and for sale on Etsy. You can find the download link at my tutorial page. 

And I do have some  more good news, to celebrate the new tutorial and to my new beginnings I will give you a 50% discount on your second (next) tutorial for the next month!! 

If everything has gone right it should go automatically as a thank you coupon at etsy after you buy a tutorial.


31-10-2013 | New beginnings!

In these last few months I did some thinking about my fascination of beads and desiging things with them. Although I do love to bead to just make a piece of jewellery, I'm just more fascinated with designing with the purpose of making a tutorial out of it. 

And I just love the fact that I can give people the chance to learn and to love beading all together. 

I've always been creative and somewhere along the way I picked up my fascination with beads. Next to beading I love to design, paint and just being creative all together. And to combine beading with designing tutorials is a dream come true for me.

So that’s why I’ve made the decision to go further under the name Bianc Molen Designs and focus more on designing tutorials.

And with a new name belongs a new website… So I installed the software and got to work with the site. I do like how it turned out to be ^_^

I hope to continue developing myself with beading and making the tutorials. As time flies by (let’s be honest, time really does fly!) I hope to add more tutorials at etsy and on the website (free ones).